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Gå ikke glip af itSMFs årlige konference - to spændende dage med indlæg og debatter på højt niveau.

Kom og oplev Lena Stormvinge der blot er een af de stærke talere vi har med i programmet i år.

Lena Stormvinge, Head of Training & Consulting, KCS Trainer

KCS - Global Support Strategy

Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) is a best-practice methodology that can help organizations build a service strategy which offers a customer experience that reinforces brand promise across multiple support channels.

This session will touch upon key areas like how to work with proactive support in an international environment, how to deal with language issues, and how to create, maintain and use knowledge across different geographic locations.

It will also touch upon how to ensure continuously high-quality user experience and support regardless of which office employees are in, as well as what kind of technology are recommended when supporting an international user base.

Bio: An advanced knowledge advisor with extensive experience in change- and knowledge management. Lena Stormvinge is a certified Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) trainer who helps organizations achieve a sustainable, long-term success with implementing cost-effective service solutions, knowledge management & change management strategies, product development, and building collaborative teams. She’s also a Certified Help Desk Professional and a graduate of Griffith University.

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Lena Stormvinge